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Where's the old blog?

Have you ever heard of Moldova? I'm pretty sure that I have sometime in the past, but I wasn't sure where it was, or really anything about the geographic location of Moldova. I did find out that my original blog had been malwared by someone from that country. Well, in case you didn't know where it is either, here is a small map.

I was pretty unhappy that I wasn't able to restore the years of entries that I had placed on my old blog. I spoke with my IT support team, and they said that the old database was so corrupt, that it wasn't worth trying to restore it. So sadly, that day meant that I was no longer going to have a blog anymore.

After not having a place to show my current work, I thought about restarting a new blog. I wasn't excited about having to worry about the security of my blog, but I did know I wanted a place to easily show my work. Then the magic of Koken appeared.

Yes, this is a Koken site, and for any photographers out there who want to have an integrated way to use Lightroom as a content manager for a blog, then Koken is a great place to start. It is a free download that you can run on your own servers. The installation is fairly straightforward, and I had completed it within a few minutes.

Going forward, I will be using Koken as my means of sharing photographs with my readers. I hope you enjoy the new site.